Ad Verification Proxies

Enhance your ad campaign integrity with residential and mobile proxies.

The threat of ad fraud looms large, jeopardizing the return on investment (ROI) of digital marketing endeavors. Shocking statistics reveal that in 2023 alone, over $61 billion was lost to fraudulent ads and bots. To combat this menace, companies are increasingly turning to mobile proxy solutions to regain control and validate the performance of their advertisements.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into how ad verification proxies can assist you in:

1. Identifying fraudulent ad placements
2. Circumventing geo-restricted ad campaigns
3. Overcoming blocks with mobile IP addresses

By harnessing millions of mobile IP proxies spanning across 55+ US geographical locations, you can meticulously scrutinize all your ad placements and swiftly pinpoint any fraudulent or underperforming publishers. Let’s explore further.

Detecting Hidden Ad Fraud through Proxy Scans

Ad networks often perpetrate ad fraud by intermingling premium traffic with low-quality traffic sourced from adware and click farms. Without proxy-based scans, uncovering this type of covert fraud is nearly impossible. Ad networks maximize their profits by diversifying traffic sources across numerous locations. With ads potentially appearing on thousands of sites and apps worldwide, manually verifying each placement becomes an arduous task. Mobile proxy services like MobileHop tackle this challenge head-on by furnishing millions of IP addresses derived from authentic mobile devices across the USA. You have the flexibility to customize proxy locations based on your ad targeting criteria. By conducting comprehensive scans of your ads across various regions, you can effectively detect any fraudulent placements tainted with fake clicks and impressions, thereby minimizing waste and optimizing your marketing ROI.

Accessing Geo-Restricted Ad Campaigns

Global ad targeting poses a unique hurdle – viewing a geo-targeted ad requires being physically present in that location. For instance, attempting to view Los Angeles-targeted ads from New York would prove futile, as the Los Angeles ads wouldn't be displayed locally. Proxy-based ad verification circumvents regional restrictions by enabling access to ads from any geographic location. Simply select proxy locations aligned with your ad targeting parameters – such as Los Angeles mobile proxies – and effortlessly scan your LA-targeted ads from your New York location. This streamlined proxy approach empowers enterprises with global ad campaigns to validate performance without the need for extensive travel or local office setups.

Evading Ad Network Blocks with Mobile Proxies

Many ad networks employ measures to detect and block data center proxies utilized for ad verification, safeguarding their profits from fraud inquiries. The solution lies in leveraging mobile IPs that closely mimic genuine human traffic patterns. MobileHop sources its IPs directly from extensive ISP and mobile proxy networks across the USA. Our proxies originate from real mobile cellular devices, not data centers, presenting themselves to ad networks as legitimate organic users rather than bots. This grants unobtrusive, unblockable access to conduct large-scale ad scans. Combine this with proxy rotation to cycle through millions of mobile IPs, and you have a robust solution for ad verification. Our clients have successfully verified ad campaigns across major platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, and more using this approach.

Leverage Ad Verification Proxies for Enhanced Campaign ROI

In summary, advanced proxy solutions empower advertisers to reclaim control from potentially fraudulent ad networks and publishers. By verifying if ads are reaching real human audiences, advertisers can justify their expenditures. By conducting local ad scans instead of relying solely on opaque third-party reporting, advertisers can promptly identify fraudulent activities and optimize campaigns more efficiently. Contact MobileHop today to integrate residential proxies and commence verifying your global ad placements with confidence.

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