Historical Market Data

Historical Market Data

Count on Top Historical Market Data for Your Investments

In the world of investment markets, managing historical data is essential to making sound decisions. When you can thoroughly analyze the behavior of a market, a company, or an investment opportunity, you can make more accurate projections. This will help you manage the uncertainty of the future, and allow you to make the right trading decisions.

However, researching and analyzing the historical and current information on an investment opportunity can be a real challenge. It is then wise to rely on top-of-the-line data processing and analysis solutions, such as those offered by CloudQuant. You must know how our tools can help you apply historical market data to your investment decisions successfully.

How to Take Advantage of Your Historical Data with Us?

  1. Integrated Information

One of the biggest challenges in analyzing historical stock data is putting it all together. Thanks to our CloudQuant Data Liberator platform, you can process and integrate the data in one place. Whether it's the NYSE Exchange proprietary market data, the American stock exchange information, or the US equities historical market volume data, you'll be able to manage it all in one platform quickly and easily.

When using CloudQuant's solutions, you will have access to our Data Showcase, with over 13K data records from a variety of industries, vital for your investment analysis. But you will also be able to include different sources of historical data that you can process, including those derived from our 3 leading data research applications: CQ Explorer, CQ AI, and CQ Mariner. This will give you a much greater amount of information than you would have using any other investment market analysis research method, and therefore you will be able to make better-informed decisions.

  1. Data Analysis

You must have powerful analysis tools for your historical data, and our CQ Explorer is the perfect application to do this. This powerful application will allow you to visualize quantitative data, and analyze it with ease. You will be able to assess different events in the stock and investment markets, such as losing trades, investment opportunities, and even exit strategies. When moving in the stock market world, it will be easier for you to detect when to enter or when to exit each business opportunity that presents itself.

  1. Scenario Simulation

It is useless to have all the historical information accumulated if you are not able to project results. Through our CQ Mariner, you can effectively perform top-of-the-line simulations to assess investment opportunities. The tool will allow you to define various trading scenarios, and then test them in the most advanced precision stock market simulator in the industry. You will then be able to project the different results and spread the investments by diversifying the risk portfolio, thus securing your wealth.

  1. Application Integration

Last but not least, our tools will allow you to keep your information always at hand. The tools can be integrated with the most popular programming languages such as R, Python, C#, C++, and JavaScript, so you can use them in your research and data analysis applications and programming.

Get the Prime Historical Market Data Software

It's time for you to gain an edge in the world of trading with CloudQuant's solutions. Let our powerful tools help you make the best decisions and gain a competitive advantage in your investment markets. Contact us and schedule a demo.

Historical Market Data
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