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A Hololens is a headset with advanced features to give augmented reality visuals. Users can use these devices to interact with hand gestures and voice using life-like animations.

The devices are commonly used in the entertainment niche of games, manufacturing businesses that combine IoT with graphical technology, and businesses that prefer using them to see the 3D version of plans in a hologram. We expect to continue to see more use in the healthcare system, 3D planning niches, and applications that need a more intrusive perception of complex systems, such as the architectural world.

Industries that use Hololens tend to share the devices between the people a lot, which means you must find a way to make sure they are always clean and safe to use. Schools need cleaning solutions that can keep their students’ health safe and make it easy for more students to enjoy augmented reality regularly.

How To Use UV Light To Kill Viruses

UV light has a lot of different wavelengths, which are measured in nanometers of between 100-and 400. A short wavelength has a lot of energy, and the hues of the light are visible to the human eye.

All these different wavelengths will work differently on various surfaces, so you want to make sure you choose a technology that will deliver the best possible results. Researchers found that using specific wavelengths is more effective at destroying the proteins that sustain a virus and cause infections.

Another thing to consider is that short exposure to a short wavelength is better because you will only need to clean for a shorter time, whereas the opposite is true when using a longer wavelength.

Worries About Using UV Light To Clean Headsets

Some people worry that UV lights are potentially damaging to the technology used in Hololens. However, specific wavelengths will indeed cause damage, so you must only source your cleaning products from a reputable brand like CleanBox that understands its technology.

Critical Steps To Choosing A UV Cleaning System

Many business managers are aware of the use of UV rays to clean surfaces, but they do not know how to choose one that will offer superior results. Some key areas to consider include:

  • Choose professional-grade systems with the right technology to break down bacteria and other harmful biological elements.
  • Find a brand that offers excellent customer support on how to use and maintain their products.
  • In most cases, top brands will have a history of producing good products that are highly effective at fighting pathogens.

Choosing Our Non-Touch UV Technology

Using UV light to clean an intricate device is complicated, and you must make sure you only use technologies that will eliminate the highest number of contaminants. Cleanbox has a full line of products that are easy to use and highly efficient at removing all kinds of pathogens.

Check out all our UV cleaning options online and make your order today for fast delivery. The team is also available for consultation on pressing issues when you contact us online or call 615 208 4042.

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