Bell cellphone plans

Bell cellphone plans

Connects Wireless connects our customers to the best Bell cellphone plans in the greater BC area. Bell is the nation's largest and fastest cellular network, covering more than 30 million Canadians every day. Bell cell phone plans are affordable and customizable for everyone. Find a plan that fits your needs and budget correctly from Connects Wireless.

Additionally, Bell cellphones plans are the most flexible in the nation. When you sign up for Bell cellphone plans, merely buy a new phone or use your current phone and add family members to your plan at your discretion. Select a voice and data plan that works for you. We offer limited data plans and unlimited data plans for Canadian and U.S. calling.

Basic Phone Plans

Basic Bell Cellphone plans start at $25/mo.
Basic Bell Cellphone plans give users unlimited Canada wide text, picture, and video messaging. These plans are perfect for users who don't make a lot of calls but prefer to text more.

Smartphone Plans

Smartphone plans are $85/mo.
Smartphone plans are highly flexible and allow users to choose the voice and data options they need. Smartphone plans offer unlimited text, picture, and video messaging, plus unlimited local calling. Enjoy surfing the Web with 3 GB of data.

Family Share Plans

Family Share plans are $65/mo per user.
Family Share plans probably give Bell users the best bang for their "buck." However, they may not be ideal for every user. As the name of the plans implies, these plans are great for families. With the family share plan, you'll get unlimited text, picture, and video messaging in addition to unlimited local calling. Further, you'll get 4 GB of data. Share data freely with your family and save more money with each family member you add.

Canada & U.S. Plans

Canada & U.S. plans are $100/mo.
Canada & U.S. plan for Canadians who visit The States frequently. Canada & U.S. plans give you unlimited Canada and U.S. texting, but picture and video messaging are only unlimited in Canada. However, you will get unlimited Canada and U.S. calling with 3 GB of data.

Connected Car Plan

Connected Car plan is only $15/mo.
This plan gives you in-car hotspot. Simply add this plan to your existing plan and enjoy having the ability to connect up to five devices at once to your Connected Car plan.

Smartwatch Plan

The Smartwatch plan is only $5/mo.
As with the Connected Car plan, add the Smartwatch plan to your current plan. This plan will give you wireless access to your Apple Watch Series 3.

Tablet Plans

Tablet plans start at $10/mo.
Bell tablet plans are economically sound plans, with the plan automatically adjusting based on your monthly data usage.

Mobile Internet Plans

Mobile Internet plans start at $10/mo.
Perfect for users who utilize mobile devices frequently, the Tablet plans allow you to share data across multiple devices.

Arlo Go Plans

Arlo Go plans start at $10/mo.
Arlo Go plans allow users to connect their Arlo Go security cameras to Bell's network and monitor your property from anywhere in the nation.
Choose your Bell cell phone plans from Connects Wireless online or by phone.

Bell cellphone plans
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Bell cellphone plans
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